Task 9: Free Software

Workshop: List in your WordPress blog FIVE open source applications not listed above, with a one or two sentence explanation of why you would choose to use each (the more specific the better, but don’t write too much).  Post the URL of your blog piece to the spreadsheet.

as stated on the task, i am suppose to choose five open source applications. these are the applications that i have used when encountered:


This browser in my opinion is the best browsing software I’ve used, and still use it now. The reason I use this browser compared to others (like IE9, google chrome), is because it loads much faster, customizable, and also user friendly.


ImgBurn is one of the most used CD/DVD burning software. The reason i used this is because its faster at burning CDs (although the processor does affect the speed), reliablility (never fails, as it double checks the CD for any errors), and is supported with regular updates.


Skype is also a free communication software used to communicate around the world. I have chosen this because it allows me to communicate to family and relatives in other countries. therefore allowing me to save costs and expenses.


CodeBlocks is also a software I use, as it is used to help me with my C++ language and develop C++ programs


Clonezilla is a software used to perform backups and recoveries of servers and single machines. basically, it does a perfect ‘clone’ of your single computer (yes, every bit of data in that computer) and use it for backup, or you could transfer to another upgraded PC. I used this to create a perfect image of my computer for backup.

VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is a fantastic open source software. it will play anything you throw at it. The reason i use this is because I could play anything, from music to videos.


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