Task 8: Online presence

Embed widgets in a new page within your WordPress blog;
a. Video from YouTube The quality or subject of the video doesn’t matter – it can be about something like creating a paper airplane if you wish
b. Facebook widget
c. Twitter feed

so, basically, in this task i am suppose to create a presence online by embedding and linking my social networking accounts (like facebook).

I use a facebook account because it allows me to sociallize and be closer to my friends and relatives. this allows me to communicate more with them and perhaps making group trips/parties more easier too!

This is my Facebook account with a small summary of my name, contact details and my status:

Wilson Huynh

Create your badge


This is a Youtube video i liked:

as i do not upload many videos to my profile, therefore i did not put much personal information towards this youtube account.

i use this account to basically comment on other videos, leaving nice feedback for others. not only that, but i also use it to subscribe to my favourite channels, add videos to favourites and check on my history.

This is a link to my about.me profile, proving that i have created an online presence linking all my accounts onto it:


Also, my twitter feeds are updated on the sidebar.



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