Task 7: Working With Images

Workshop: Use GIMP (or Photoshop, or any image processing application of your choice) to design a graphic for your web site.  This might be e.g. a logo, a banner, a page background image, or a body image.  Document the steps you followed to create your image.

As stated above, i was suppose to use one of the tools to design a graphic for my website.

i have used photoshop produce and create these designs:

  • i have used tools such as:
  • blur
  • gradient
  • radial blur
  • polar coordinates
  • lighting effects
  • wind filter effect
  • inverting
  • rotation

and many other advanced filtering effects to design these banners:


This is also an image i created, using an existing image of a person:

Step By Step Instructions on How i Created this banner:

1) I used the Text tool to add text to the banner

2) I typed into the text box: ‘By Wilson Huynh’, using a unique font type.

3) I used Blending Effects to modify the display of the text: Drop Shadow, Outer Glow and Bevel and Emboss. Drop Shadow is used to form a shadow under the layer of text, allowing a type of 3D view of the text. I modified and angled it at 30 degrees to form a minor shadow.

4) Outer Glow is used on the banner to form a yellow glow from the outer side of the text, which nicely merged with the black text

5) Bevel and Emboss is used on the banner to form a silvery glow towards the inner side of the text, which perfectly matches the glow of the yellow and black text.

6) Lastly, i added a gradient effect onto the left side of the image.



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