Task 5: New Economy – The Middle Man

The service of being the ‘middle man’ I’ll be talking about in this blog is Confused.com.

As you know, people try hard, and hard, just to find cheap (for example, car) insurance. In order to do this, they will have to hunt down many companies and try to compare them with each other. this is however time-consuming, and a real pain when you don’t know your routes/starting point and how to use your mathmatical skills.

This is where Confused.com comes in, by using this, it allows you to enter your details and specific information. this will straight away give you a quote on your car insurance from various companies. To put this simple, this site will do all the hard work for you, Like a bossss!! simply by helping you compare the prices of all known availiable companies and provide you with an answer to the cheapest insurance on the list.

In Addition, this service will benifit everyone, since everyone needs insurance, right?

Overall, this helps users save time and money towards users as all the stress in hunting down companies will be relieved , and therefore, this service will definitely grow as more users use this service.



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