Task 2: Social Networking (Identity, Trust, Reputation)


There are many types of social networking sites around the internet.

The accounts I have are on:

  • Facebook
  • Ebay
  • YouTube


A social networking site used by many people all across the world, to allow communication and post updates to online friends, relatives and to newly met people on the internet globally.


An online E-commerce webstie whereby allows the user to buy or sell locally or globally around the world. You can also use it to review products and provide feedback to help other sellers and buyers to gain reputation.


A video sharing site also used by many people across the world, allowing users to upload view and stream videos online. users can make friends, subscribe and comment on each other.


Reflecting on my accounts within these sites:


judging from Facebook,

I was born in March 12th 1992. I know chinese and english and from London,UK.

I’ve studied at St Marks Church of England Academy and now at Kingston Uni (studying Computer Science).

The type of music I like is mainly Cpop, Kpop, and Jpop. also some english music.

The type of movies I like is mainly chinese, such as 14 Blades and IP Man 2.

Judging from the other interests and activities I am a gamer, I like anime, and into chinese and korean artists.

also, judging from my friends list, I have 78 friends. This shows that they are more likely met in real life.

Therefore, this shows that I use Facebook regularly for chat, updates from subscribers and communication and updates to friends.


Judging from my YouTube account,

I have subscribed to 27 people. mostly asian people.

also, judging from the information (about myself) stated on YouTube, I’m a user which uses this video sharing website to either comment, subscribe to people and to favourite videos.

therefore, this shows that I don’t exactly use the account as much compared to Facebook.


Reviewing a Friend (Sam Moralee) on Facebook

Judging from his account on Facebook,

I can see that he went to Raynes Park High School, and now at Kingston University studying Computer Science (Games Programming).

He also watches various TV programmes such as Trigun and Cowboy Bebop.

His interests are mainly steam, programming and NIS America, Inc. Europe.

Also, from looking at his friends list, he probably adds people he knows in real life. unlike others who add friends for fun to increase their friends list.

To summarise, he mainly likes anime, gaming and funny videos. which compared to him, is quite similar in real life. from what i’ve compared, sam seems to be honest about his life, as everything on facebook is correct and true.



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